Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hey Tony, George, howyadoing?

My little break from the internet (a consequence of entrusting my computer system to the tender mercies of the British and Norwegian mail services) has spared me the bulk of the discussion on George 'W for wiretap'Bush and his desire to listen in on the private conversations of ordinary Americans.

However, it has had me wondering if England is any improvement. I've always been under the impression that England has less of a tradition of championing individual liberties.... from what I've seen so far (cameras on every street, plans in the works to track everyones car trips, extrajudicial executions on the London Underground) I'm not confident. Blair seems to be on the same powertrip as 'King' George, tempered only by the fact that the US is a superpower and Englands power has been declining since the second world war.