Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Year 0

Welcome to yet another blog cluttering the pages of the internet.... though hopefully this will be a blog with a difference.

The aim of this blog is to talk about my favorite subject, the biology of obscure organisms.... all of those little creatures that rate only a paragraph or two in the back pages of dusty tomes, or which occupy a single slide on the neglected shelves of museum collections. You might remember them from some college lecture... mentioned briefly then forgotten. Something jelly-like, or with legs sprouting in all directions, or tendrils creeping through some other creatures body. The strange plants and animals that made you sit up in biology class and think 'that is really weird'.....

Of course, I'll be posting on other subjects as well.... mostly science related with a few scattered rants, though I want to avoid this becoming a political blog. Hopefully every week or two I'll be able to profile an obscure organism... something newly discovered, or more likely, almost forgotten.