Wednesday, October 26, 2005

For sale: One childs mind

This is a worrying development:

Private education companies and Christian groups are lining up to enter the education market created by yesterday's pivotal reforms of the state school system.

The moves follow publication of the education white paper unveiling plans to turn all primary and secondary schools into "self governing independent state schools". Every school will be encouraged to acquire a trust, made up of business charities, faith groups, universities or parent and community organisations. The trusts will be able to appoint the governing body, own their own assets, set their own admissions policies as well as control teachers' pay and conditions.

This sounds like a perfect setup for corporate and religious groups to influence (= muck about with) the curriculum. I know the British education system has its problems, but this reeks of some ideological quick fix. Coupled with the rise in American-style fundamentalism and creationism in England, I'm wondering if Blair is taking a page from the Republican playbook and starting to pander openly to the religious right.