Sunday, October 23, 2005

Conservatives eat their young... least, that was my first impression when I read this:

While the recent nomination of Hariet Miers for the Supreme Court by George W. Bush may have revealed more than a few cracks in the usually lockstepped Conservative Movement in America, Daniel Borchers has been calling out "fake Conservativism"


Borchers' organization, Citizens for Principled Conservatism (CPC) is currently in-production of a documentary named The Truth About Ann which aims squarely at political and religious hypocrisy of Rightwing commentator and author, Ann Coulter.

I don't have a lot of regard for the Christian Right, and none at all for Ann Coulter, but I've lived in the midwest long enough to know that somewhere obscured by the self-serving pundits, hate-spewing preachers, and their extremist supporters there are decent conservative Christians who do not stand with the hate and the hypocracy that has engulfed the conservative side of politics.

There is much more at bradblog... its worth a look to see how Ann Coulter is beginning to alienate her base. Hopefully, obscurity beckons.