Sunday, October 30, 2005


An interesting application of chemistry:

Breaux has made understanding the drink his life's work. He has pored over hundred-year-old texts, few of them in English. He has corresponded with other amateur liquor historians. The more he's learned, the more he's felt compelled to use his knowledge of chemistry to crack the absinthe code, figure out exactly what's in it, puncture the myths surrounding it - and maybe even drink a glass or two.

I've tried the so-called absinthe available from the Czech republic... it really is just green vodka with anise. It doesn't go milky when you add water, and it isn't an appealing taste. I'm curious to try a bottle of the Nouvelle-Orleans, but with a price-tag of 55 pounds a bottle, its a bit on the expensive side. Then again, a bottle of marginal whisky costs about 300 kroner (about 30 pounds) at the vinmonopolet, so maybe its not that bad a deal.